Alex G in Houston

I have a little break in my day. Thought I would blog about seeing Alex G in concert last night in Hou, TX. White Oak Music Hall. This was his first time back in Houston since 2017.

Random thoughts:

1) I didn't prepare properly for the cost of parking. In my head it would be like $15-20 max. I get to the venue last night and I see signs for $30. I'm sure this had to do mostly w Chvrches playing on the lawn. I don't carry a lot of cash on me anymore. Luckily I ended up having $27 cash in my wallet and I asked the parking attendant if that was alright. Which luckily he accepted. There might've been other cheaper lots.

2) Doing certain things alone still makes me nervy. I don't let it stop me from doing it. Whether it's flying somewhere alone or going to events/concerts alone, but I still get pretty intense jitters sometimes.

3) EXUM opened the show. I briefly looked the name up before going to the show just to see what kind of music it was. I thought it was probably a band, but it turned out to be a solo project... from former NFL player Antone Exum. I vaguely remembered that name. I had no idea EXUM was that Exum. He was playing in the NFL as recently as of the beginning of last year for the 49ers.

As far as his set. It was pretty entertaining. I don't know if it was just because I hadn't been to a concert in so long or if the drink I ordered was making me enjoy it a little more, but I thought the sound system/acoustics were amazing at White Oak last night.

EXUM went into the crowd for a few mins for one of his songs. He then touched on the Astroworld Fest tragedy for a bit. I was trying to follow along on what he was trying to get at exactly in the first part of his spill. I forget exactly how he worded it, but I think he was supporting Travis Scott. He was like "we must put ourselves in the shoes of the artist, etc". I'm paraphrasing. I kind of disagreed w that part. His second part was like "we must help one another up, etc". That part I agreed with.

There was a moment later in his set where he was like "my fiancée and I got an Airbnb. who else is going to have passionate sex tonight?!". I was like "this isn't awkward at all :3".

4) Alex G. I felt like his 2017 Houston show and last night's show were pretty drastically different. His 2017 show was upstairs in the small room. It was on a weekend. The crowd was very hyped. Japanese Breakfast opened the show. There was no room to move. It was a sweaty, cubicle feeling. Several people were jumping off the stage and crowd surfing during his set in 2017. Some people enjoy those types of shows. That's what I was honestly kind of planning for last night. I purposely didn't want to get too close to the stage. Outside of "Brick" I don't feel like Alex G's music really lends itself to what that particular crowd was in 2017. Maybe that crowd was an outlier. Maybe I'm way off on another galaxy.

It was a very tame crowd last night. Alex G himself was very tamed. Sometimes he has random outbursts in the middle of sets. You never really know what you'll get from him. He seemed to be in a really good mood last night. I enjoyed last night's crowd a lot more than 2017. I think it's mostly due to my personality though. I like easy going crowds.

It definitely wasn't sold out last night. The first half-65% of the room was crowded, but there was a lot of room in the back. I went to use the restroom really quick in the middle of the set and casually just walked right back to where I was. It was nice.

I enjoyed the show. Alex G's set flew by. I feel like that's a byproduct of his music. It's so easy to get sucked in. He has quick addicting song after another. Add in the element of never knowing how a live Alex G show will go and you're pretty locked in the whole time. It was just nice to experience live music for the first time in a long while. A little entertainment distraction from reality.