Alex Bregman

Alex Bregman

Photo: Rob Carr, Getty Images

It's time to update this blog with frequent posts. Random posts. All sorts of posts.

Wham bam ~

I keep saying real life has been hectic (and it has been) and how it's been a cause for lack of posts (it hasn't helped), but I recently had to pay the $29 monthly fee to keep this blog afloat on the Ghost platform so I figured I would try to make more use of paying that monthly charge. I got the reminder the other day and I was like "Damn... kind of pricey. I really was in the mood to blog last month".

This blog is here to stay though. It's too popular to let it die. I received one comment last month and that was me testing out the comment system. It's kind of like that phrase "you're your own biggest fan". Well... if my fan is me of myself and I test commented on my own blog... technically I have a big fan of... this comment is probably sounding very conceited and my head is also hurting.

Last night MLB held their yearly Home Run Derby event. I hadn't watched a Home Run Derby in years and even then I found it pretty boring for the most part. I decided to watch last night since Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros was taking part. I was at least going to see how he did.

I must say - I found the event to be a little entertaining. I'm not sure how long the league has put the timer in the competition instead of counting the outs each player gets, but I feel like it added a little bit of drama. Bregman ended up losing in the first round against his opponent Kyle Schwarber (Cubs). AB only lost by one homer and he had a few chances in the last 15 or so seconds. His last attempt landed about two feet short of going over the fence. It would've tied him with Schwarber.

(or Kyle Sherbet I began to call him)

Even though Bregman lost... I enjoyed it. It's just a meaningless Home Run Derby where it's a glorified batting practice, but for eight or so minutes (the combined length of Sherbet and Bregman's round)... it was fun to watch. I think it would be fun if MLB just had teams do a mini-HR derby if a game in the reg season went into extra innings. Sort of like how the NHL does shoot outs in their regular season.

"Baseball purists" would probably be up-in-arms if MLB ever went that route, but I think it would make games more fun. There's a lot of dead time in a baseball game. The ball is probably in play for less than 2 minutes out of the 3hrs it takes to generally complete a baseball game. You might as well add some flare to games if they happen to go extra innings. This is just my suggestion. If you're reading this post and you're in the league office of MLB - toss this idea to the commish.

I'm going to try and make a post per day to wrap up this month. We'll see how that goes. Attempting to squeeze as much out of this $29 monthly fee as I possibly can. What will tomorrow's post be about? Your guess is as good as mine at the moment.