A Double Shot at Love

A Double Shot at Love

I thought long and hard before making this post, but when I first made the blog... I vowed to always speak what I feel and to be honest. Well your boy likes the show A Double Shot at Love. A revived MTV dating show this time featuring Pauly D and Vinny instead of Tila Tequila. I have not missed an episode.

Yeah. Yeah...

It's mindless entertainment. "Trash TV" basically. I've enjoyed it though. My TV viewing this year has basically been baseball, tennis and A Double Shot at Love. I'm a very complexed person when it comes to my viewing entertainment. Anyways onto this particular post.

If you haven't watched the show... the plot isn't that difficult to figure out. It's basically MTV's version of The Bachelor or Bachlorette except with two of their former stars in Jersey Shore's Pauly D and Vinny. I guess you can say current stars still since they're bringing back Jersey Shore sometime in the next few weeks (I think)(don't quote me on this)(I don't feel like searching this info).



This coming week will be the finale of the show. I'm not going to break down all the eliminations that have happened in the show. I'm not going to hardcore break down a MTV dating show. It's all for show anyways. Anyone who seriously believes that this is a legit show and actually...

One second. I still can't believe Vinny didn't choose Maria...

I kid, but this past week's eliminations were the first week where I went "I don't know about that". Maria (pictured in the top gif) got the boot from Vinny. So the final show will feature the remaining women: Nikki (pictured below), Alysse, Derynn and Elle. Nikki and Derynn going for Pauly D and Alysse and Elle are going for Vinny. The more I type the more lowkey sad I feel this post is.

Anyways. Spoilers have leaked regarding the finale next week. They're probably accurate, but I'll check in next week just to see. I was kind of disappointed after the Maria elimination so I just read the spoilers. As mentioned earlier in the post... this post contains those spoilers. If you happen to be a person who is watching the show and happen to stumble upon this post before the finale... don't read anymore if you don't want to be spoiled. I don't know where this post will rank in the Google SEO ratings of A Double Shot at Love, but just in case. Lord knows I only have 4 readers at the moment.


Basically in the finale... Vinny chooses Alysse but Alysse declines. I don't know the twist they're going with, but I think Vinny tries to get back w/Maria somehow and that's the reason Alysse gives Vinny for declining. And then Pauly D dismisses Derynn. So you think he's going with Nikki, but then Pauly is like... "your cab is also here, Nikki". So... neither guy ends up with a woman. An entire dating show weeding through candidates only for nothing concrete to happen at the end.

A second season (w Pauly D and Vinny) is already reportedly in the works. It's a MTV dating show. I hope most people don't expect anything "real". I came into this show just wanting cheap laughs. And I got a lot of cheap laughs. My only concern with how this season ended (if the leaked spoilers are true) is how many returning viewers will return to the show for a second season. Apparently they had a reunion show this past week in NYC. I'm sure MTV will air that this week or the coming week to patch some things up.

I don't know. I don't know.

Cheap entertainment. I don't like the ending, but I didn't expect much at all to begin with. If you check each woman's Insta... they're all models basically. They got free publicity from being on the show. Maria got a IG follow from me. Basically everyone is a winner at the end of the day.