2020 is officially upon us. It's still crazy to think about.

I took the main picture this past November. This was during a Stefanie Voegele vs. Katarina Zavatska match on one of the outer courts at Rice's George R. Brown Tennis Center. I chose this picture because you have Stefanie Voegele reflecting on a point she just lost and trying to regroup.

Reflecting and trying to win the next point.

The last point cannot be changed.

All you can do is focus on the next point.

I think it's an ultra simple and beautiful way to look at life. The last point might've been a very painful point to lose, but you can always try to make the next point not be the same.

I'm not a big resolutions person. I thought I improved a lot in a few areas in 2019. Especially mentally. In 2020 I would just like to improve even more in that area. I would like to read a few more books this year as well. I didn't read as much as I'd like to in 2019. And besides that... just focus. Focus on what I can control. That's all you can do in this life. You're going to lose some points. That's inevitable, but if you at least try and put forth your best effort on each point... you're going to win quite a few of them as well.

As far as the blog goes in 2020...

Playlist Friday will continue to be a permanent staple. Daily posts will be put on hold. I felt like I was forcing stuff sometimes. There's still going to be a lot of posts. Just not necessarily daily. Me posting everyday in stretches will still likely happen. It just won't be planned out that way. There may be 2 posts in a week. Maybe Playlist Friday will be the only post of a week. Maybe I'll post everyday in a certain week. I feel like the rambling is more organic that way. I started posting daily last Fall to try and rev up the blogging motivation. It worked. I'm still motivated to blog. So I don't feel like I necessarily have to post everyday in order to maintain that drive. I just took a 3 week Winter break away from blogging. I still feel motivated. 1-4 days between posts will not deter that motivation.

I (might) sprinkle in interviews this year on the blog. I say "might" because I'm not 100% sure it'll happen. I enjoyed doing interviews last decade (saying that really makes you feel old even if today is day 1 of a new decade) for a music blog I did. This time around it wouldn't be just music. It would be sports, artists, etc. This was just an idea I had literally earlier today. So it may or may not correlate. I had this idea and I immediately tried making something work with a pro MMA fighter. I doubt something will come out of it, but I reached out. I said "I have this here blog. JakeRambles.com". So who knows.

The fighter I reached out to was David Michaud. So if you're reading this, David... hello.

Hey now. He could be reading these very words.

That would be a sweet get. He fights for PFL currently. He has a very interesting background and life.

So yes. Interviews may or may not happen this year. But even if they don't... it'll be a fun year on the blog. Good tunes, rambling and whatever else happens. Thank you for reading if you're a return reader. If you're new - hello as well. It's appreciated that you've read this far.

Cheers to a great 2020.

(edit - after publishing this post... I see that the blog's layout doesn't do this photo much justice because it blocks out Stefanie Voegele quite a bit. The main analogy with this photo and life involved Stefanie Voegele reflecting on the previous point. Ah well. I'm still rolling with the picture)

(edit x2- it was bugging my blogging ocd. I un-cropped the photo a bit. It looks great now on the desktop version of the blog, but on the blogging version you can't see Voegele at all on the main front spinner. I tried. You can just see the the courts and the trees on the mobile layout main spinner. Those are cool too. Bless Mother Nature)