2019 Astros' Predictions

2019 Astros' Predictions

Hello! The blog is still alive. It's been in a slumber the last couple months or so. It'll pick up at least for the next few days with this post and the return of Playlist Friday tomorrow. Real life has been hectic as of late. No excuses though! If you're reading these very words... thanks for finding your way here.

I'm currently speed typing. I'm lowkey typing this during a lunch break. So please ignore any possible typos in the post. In just a few hours the Houston Astros will kick off their 2019 regular season campaign. I feel like a prediction post before the season is the only real time a prediction post should be made about a sports regular season. So the person making the predictions can either look like a genius or a complete buffoon after the season.

My predictions for the Houston Astros this year...

They'll definitely win the AL West Division.

They're about 15-16 games favored to win the division over Oakland and the Angels. Something would have to go seriously wrong for the Astros to not win the division.

The Astros being favored by so many games to win the division kind of dampers my excitement a tad for the season. That probably sounds like a conceited fan of a team. Of course I want the team to win the division. At least last season there was drama late into August and September with Oakland neck and neck. It came down to the last couple weeks of the season. I was a little nervous, but it made winning the division for the Astros a little more sweet feeling.

Heading into this season kind of has 2017 vibes where the Astros had wrapped up the division by July. That's why they play the games though. Injuries can happen, teams can get hot... so who knows. But as of right now... 12:03pm March 28, 2019...

I'm predicting the Astros will win the AL West by at least 10 games.

As far as playoffs...

I'm not super confident. Verlander and Cole are monsters at the top of the pitching rotation. The only thing that worries me about the Astros is the back end of the rotation. The hitting is still stacked. So I'm not worried about the offense.

If Wade Miley can replicate his stats from Milwaukee... that would be a decent middle rotation cushion. Losing Keuchel isn't too big of a deal imo. If he wanted a lot less money... he would be a nice option to have. But Boris (his agent) is asking for way too much for what Keuchel really brings to the table in terms of talent. A soft tossing pitcher who usually gets crushed in the first couple innings of a game.

Will the Astros "take it back" and win another World Series this season?

As I eat this spicy chicken sandwich.... my gut instinct is I'm not sure. ("Holy moly what a bold prediction, Jake!") I don't think this feeling is heartburn. I'm typing really fast. I don't know if I've ever typed a blog post this quickly before.  I just feel like the back end of the rotation is worrisome. Of course once the playoffs happen rotations get shorter. Plus maybe the Astros make a move for another arm mid-season or something.

I think Sports Illustrated has the Astros-Phillies in the WS this season. That would be great. I'm not going to predict the NL WS candidate because I'll be honest... I don't watch hardly any NL baseball.

As of 12:13pm... March 28, 2019... I'm predicting either the Astros or Yankees will represent the AL in the World Series. If you're saying "way to go out on a limb, Jake"... you are 100% correct. The Yankees and Astros are the top two favorites odd wise in projected win totals. The Yankees had some really good moves this off-season. It pains me to even predict them as a co-AL candidate to reach the WS, but they have a stacked team.

This has been my Astros' predictions post.


The Astros will win the AL West by at least 10 games.

And either the Astros or Yankees will go to the World Series from the AL.

Thank you for reading.