Thursday, November 7th, 2019. Hello!

  • It's going to be a rainy one in the city of Houston today. Cold fronts coming in and out the next few days. A couple posts ago I said it'd be perfect tennis weather for early next week. I was wrong. On the day I'm going next week the high is now 45 and the low is 31. It's literally déjà vu from when I went last year. The high didn't break 40 the entire day last year. It was brutal with the wind.
  • Looking like a part 2 this year (if the forecast doesn't change).
  • I spoke with Ghost yesterday and it appears I'll be able to keep this current theme. With the exception that I update the html to fit all the 3.0 guidelines. Which is still going to be a big hassle. It's like 32 lines of the theme's code that I have to go in and edit. And I'm not exactly a html/code wizard. I'm going to take a weekend late next month and just devote it to working on it.
  • The dedication I have for a blog that 3 readers come to. Bless.
  • This week has gone by relatively quick.
  • Playlist Friday is tomorrow.

Until then... thanks for reading.

Jake C

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