Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. Wassup.

  • Old Coldplay is really good music. I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago and I listened to a lot of their old singles again. "Yellow", "Trouble", "Warning Sign", "Clocks", etc. It had been awhile since I've fallen down a old Coldplay rabbit hole. That is some good heart string pullin' music.
  • Speaking of heart pullin'. I received a sad email last night. From Ghost (the blogging company that this blog is hosted on). I had to re-read it 4-5 times to make sure what I was reading was correct. Basically the blog's theme is outdated. Ghost is on this 3.0 update and apparently my blog is still running on 1.0. If I don't change themes by February 3rd, 2020... I'll be unable to log into my control panel area and post anymore. That is basically what the email said. So now I have to find another theme, pay for said theme and then customize it to how I like it. This was a gigantic ordeal last year when I started this blog. Nothing is easy on this blogging platform. Everything is customizable but it's very detailed and intricate in how to do all that.
  • The other negative is I really like this theme. Plus I paid for it already. Now I have to pay for another theme and go through this process again. Aye yi yi. All the photo headers currently are designed for this current theme. Everything right now is designed for this current theme.
  • I began to briefly look at other layouts last night. I'll probably start the transition process late December. Have everything completed by mid-January 2020.
  • It's going to be a pain in the A. If it was up to me I would keep this current theme for the entire blog's existence. I don't (think) there is an updated version of this theme to fit this Ghost 3.0. I'm definitely going to do some research on that, but as of right now the blog will look different come January 2020. Appearance wise. Content will be the same. I'm going to try my best to have the blog look as slick as it does with this current theme with whatever the new layout is.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

Jake C

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