Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. Hello out there.

  • I've had quite the painful headaches the last few days. Not sure why. Motrin has helped a tiny bit, but still feeling it. I may have to see a doctor here soon.
  • This may be silly, but I've had these same thoughts every blue moon or so. I had them again a couple nights ago when I couldn't sleep. And that's how people come and go, but locations don't. There may be a random coffee shop on the corner, but the memories you create in said coffee shop may stay with you. Even if the person you created said memories with has come and gone in your life.
  • Locations where people are creating new memories with themselves and others as I type this.
  • Life is something.
  • I miss baseball already.
  • I'll make a few baseball posts as the weeks/months go on before the 2020 regular season begins. I have thoughts, but there's also a lot of stuff that has to play out. Mainly free agency signings.
  • Tennis and baseball are my favorite sports. I don't mind football and basketball, but I often find myself getting bored watching those two sports the last few years.
  • Baseball is boring a lot of the times, too. There's just something about having it on night after night in the background as you do other things. Something that other sports don't have. Maybe it's due to the sport being slower than the others, but it's a "homely" feel. You get use to it. They play near everyday for 6-7 months. You get so use to your team playing.
  • And the fact it brought me and my parents closer. I talked about that in a post last year. You can search for it (the search function on this blog is really good. You can type one word and every post containing said word will come up). That's a big factor why I really like baseball. It gives me something to talk about with my parents. Hell, my Mom literally texted me yesterday talking about how the Astros are high on a pitcher in their minor leagues. This is literally the same woman who couldn't stand sports or baseball even TWO YEARS AGO.
  • Sometimes I still can't believe this is the same person.
  • She may like the Astros more than I do now.
  • And the tennis... I find tennis to be fascinating in terms of the mental aspect of it. Same reason why I find UFC and fighting kind of mentally fascinating, but in this case on a much less violent scale. Two people going at it. Yes it's just hitting the ball back and forth, but there's so many factors at play that the casual viewer may not give a second thought to. The type of shot used, footwork, pace, accuracy, angle, etc. And then how a player deals with pressure, etc. At least in team sports... a individual player is still in the spotlight, but in sports like tennis and fighting... all eyes are on you. A player may have all the tennis ability in the world, but that doesn't mean they have the mental strength. I think Roger Federer once said tennis is like 20% physical and 80% mental.
  • I'm going to a small tennis tournament next week. I went last year. I froze. It was upper to mid 30's cloudy with decent winds all day. I bought a hamburger towards the middle part of the day. After I finished... I went back and got a bunch of jalapenos slices at the concession stand. I literally was eating jalapeno slices while watching tennis for the next hour or so. IT WAS BRUTALLY COLD compared to normal Houston standards. Holy moly. I'm a little surprised they're bringing the tournament back after last year. The weather was dismal for 75% that week.
  • The early forecasts for next week are calling for much, much better weather. Thankfully. A little chilly, but sunshine for most of the week. It should be perfect for watching tennis. I am excited.
  • Rice University has some really nice facilities.
  • Their tennis one (George R. Brown tennis center) is very intimate. I was in tennis heaven walking from one court to another so easily last year. I was also freezing so the walking around definitely helped. Seeing pros so up close was really cool. A lot of them were a lot bigger in person.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

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