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Tuesday, November 12th, 2019. Hello.

  • The MLB handed out their awards for AL and NL Rookies of the Year last night. Yordan Alvarez won it unanimously in the AL and Pete Alonso took it home in the NL. Not a shock on either side. Especially so with Yordan. His regular season numbers were great. Even more impressive since he didn't get called up until June. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses with the seasons ahead. If he improves defensively, etc. Being only 22... the sky is the limit for the young man.
  • The Rookie of the Year felt like a lock with Yordan.
  • The even more intriguing awards are still yet to come.
  • Cy Young on Wednesday and MVP on Thursday.
  • An Astros player is going to get the AL Cy Young.
  • We just don't know if it'll be Gerrit Cole or Justin Verlander.
  • The AL MVP is going to come down to Bregman and Trout.
  • If I was the person who had to pick the winners...
  • I would probably pick Cole and Trout.
  • Cole because I just felt slightly more confident with him on the mound than Verlander. Verlander was also dominant, but I just felt like he had an inning here or there too many times where he gave up a solo shot. Whereas with Cole... it felt like smoother sailing more often. Both men pitched superb though. The one thing Verlander has over Cole from the season is a no hitter. So it'll be interesting to see how it plays out come Wednesday. And then AL MVP. I pick Trout over Bregman for the sole purpose that given their similar numbers... Trout did it with 3 weeks-1 month less time.
  • The counter argument to that would be "well Bregman played a full season. Shouldn't he be rewarded for that?". And maybe the voters will see it that way. It should be interesting to see what they decide on. I'm just a man with a blog. Making measly predictions.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.