Monday, November 11th, 2019. Happy Veterans Day.

  • I said a few weeks ago how I'm in weekly Fitbit challenges. I'm also usually in weekend challenges. Sometimes I do absolutely dismal. I'm usually feast or famine with keeping up with steps.
  • This past weekend I got 28k steps in. So around 14 miles. Walked around the place. Walked around nearby trails. It was absolutely gorgeous weather. Near perfect Fall weather yesterday. A tiny bit warm, but not complaining. I managed to win the weekend challenge by about 1000 steps. It was close for a good part of yesterday. The guy in second place took a 10k step lead late Saturday.
  • So I just stepped around my place like a lunatic a lot of late Saturday into the wee hours. Some people were out at clubs, bars, events, chilling, etc. I was stepping around the living room watching tennis on TV with a music playlist going in the background.
  • Managed to erase that 10k step deficit during that time. And then yesterday I just secured the challenge with walking on trails and sprinkling some steps in late last night.
  • I get too competitive. When I'm motivated.
  • Some weeks, like I said, I'm dismal with the steps.
  • I'm usually either first or last in every challenge.
  • Very rarely am I middle.
  • That's a fitness goal I need to work on. Consistency.
  • If you're reading this and actually want to compete in a weekly challenge... hell DM me on Instagram and I'll add you to the weekly challenges. My Insta is @flimsypizza. I run one of the weekly challenges. I don't run the weekend challenges, but I could always start one if enough people msg me. You don't have to have a Fitbit device to participate. You can use the Fitbit app to record steps.
  • Hope your weekend went well.
  • The weather is about to plunge big time in Houston.
  • Like a 35 degree drop in the next 10 hrs.
  • I'm going to wear two shirts and two jackets to the tennis tournament tomorrow.
  • I was not fully prepared last year.
  • Last year I wore two shirts and a lightweight jacket.
  • This year I'm going two shirts, the same lightweight jacket and also a heavy jacket.
  • I might even bring a blanket.
  • Wrap myself up.
  • You live and learn.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

Jake C

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