Thursday, October 31st, 2019. Happy Halloween!

  • The Astros' championship hopes came up short last night in the World Series.
  • A few things went wrong. The offense couldn't convert with RISP.
  • Which the offense struggled with for most of the playoffs.
  • AJ Hinch made some really bad pitching decisions.
  • One thing I don't get about major league baseball...
  • You pay these starting pitchers crazy contracts...
  • Yet most managers are so antsy to pull the trigger to get to their bullpen.
  • I'm all for analytics, but sometimes you have to trust your eyes.
  • Greinke faltered a little bit in the 7th, but Hinch didn't let him work through it.
  • He had been absolutely dealing the whole game up to that point.
  • But this AJ Hinch is like a robot. "beep beep boop must put reliever in now".
  • Let Greinke work through it. He was only at 80 pitches.
  • Or if you absolutely must go to the bullpen... put Gerrit "cy young" Cole into the game.
  • Not Will Harris. Credit to Will - he was nails this entire postseason before last night.
  • Hinch admitted before the game Will was gassed.
  • Yet he went to him in the 7th inning in a tight ballgame in GAME 7 of the WORLD SERIES.
  • I know Cole has never pitched on short rest or in relief in his pro career.
  • Imo you take the chance.
  • Maybe you would've still lost. But you would've gone down with your best pitcher.
  • Now Cole is going to be gone. And now you have to spend all off season with "what if's".
  • Aye, yai yaiiiiii Astros!
  • Credit to the Nationals. They stepped up when it counted.
  • Anyways that felt therapeutic.
  • The weather is really chilly today in Houston. I love it.
  • Hope you're having a great Halloween.
  • Playlist Friday is tomorrow.

Until then... thanks for reading.

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