Monday, October 28th, 2019. Hello.

  • The Astros... wow. They go down 0-2 and then have to play 3 games in Washington. I thought they could potentially get swept with the way things were going. Best case scenario Astros take 2 out of 3 and head back home down 2-3. Instead... Astros sweep all 3 games in Washington and the series has completely flip flopped. Astros now have a chance to win it all tomorrow.
  • (Sandy) Alex G. I read some accounts of his Austin and Dallas shows from last week. I thought about going beforehand, but held off. I love Austin, Texas but going alone wouldn't have been too fun. Lots of nostalgia in that city. Alex G beats to the sound of his own drum though. I've watched performances on YouTube where he randomly snaps at the audience for various things. He didn't do that at the Houston show I saw him at a couple years ago. Nothing too awkward at that Houston show. I wish Houston was on this particular tour because I would've gone to that. His music is great.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.