Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019. Bleessssss.

  • The World Series kicks off tonight in Houston. The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros do battle. Astros come in as the biggest World Series favorites since 2007.
  • I don't think the Nationals have the advantage in any area over the Astros. The only thing that concerns me about the match-up is Nats' starting pitching. Scherzer and Strasburg are both beyond legit. Combine that to the overall struggling bats of the Astros and it can be a little concerning.
  • With that said... I'm predicting Astros in 5. I still trust the Astros' offense against Nats pitching more than I do Nats' offense against Astros pitching. That's why they play the games though.
  • I would not be shocked if the Nats somehow won the series.
  • Anything can happen in sports.
  • I'm just making a guess.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

Jake C

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