[Photo Credit - Trask Smith]

Sunday, October 20th, 2019. Hello.

  • The Astros defeated the Yankees last night via a walk off home run from Jose Altuve. They win the 2019 ALCS 4-2 over the Yankees. The 9th inning last night... all I can say is... both fan bases experienced the ultimate highs and lows. Fortunately for the Astros they experienced the low first. Whereas the Yankees experienced it last and will have to feel it all off-season now.
  • Jose. Altuve. Best. Astro. Ever.
  • I haven't been that excited over a sporting event since Game 5 of the World Series in 2017. I even posted on Facebook for the first time since May 2018 last night. I wasn't even drinking. Just the whole situation regarding the Altuve homerun was perfect for Astros fans. Yankees' fans chanting "fuck Altuve" the night before in New York. And then Altuve ends their season the very next night. A walk off home run at that. That's like the ending of a g'damn movie.
  • A home run that also sends the Astros to the World Series. To have so many layers and so many factors on one play... it's one of the clutch-est performances I've (personally) seen. Obviously the playoffs in 2017 is still number one, but last night... jaysus. The fact that it was Altuve who did it... it was literally the perfect scenario. (For the Astros) (A nightmare for Yankees fans)
  • I'll talk about non-sports stuff tomorrow. To get some variety on this blog.
  • Maybe about blueberry muffins. Maybe about how I feel about the dating scene right now.

Until then... thanks for reading.