(photo cred - StatMuse)

A new day is upon us. Wednesday, October 16th, 2019.

  • The Astros defeated the Yankees yesterday 4-1 to take a 2 games to 1 lead in the ALCS. Gerrit Cole wasn't his usual 100% dominant self and the Yankees had some chances early, but he still gave up no runs. I was watching the Fox post game and Frank Thomas said Cole is an alien since he hasn't lost in forever and is always so dominant. He hasn't lost a game since May 22nd. So I agree with Frank Thomas. An alien pitcher pitching in the Space City. A nice combo.
  • A combo that will (sadly) probably get broken up in the off-season since Cole is going to command a gigantic payday. A payday the Astros are unlikely to match. So as an Astros fan... I'm just going to enjoy whatever time left there is to watch this guy play on this particular team. Hopefully he has 2-4 starts left. That would mean the Astros would've made the World Series.
  • Tonight's game 4 is looking like a wash out (as of now). I guess we shall see. It was a game the Astros needed to have yesterday. Can't waste Verlander and Cole starts. 2-1 is a nice spot to be in now, but still 2 more wins to go. Yankees are a good team. Anything can still happen.
  • I've been without my phone for 5 days now. I should be getting the new one I ordered today. I miss the convenience of having it. I don't think it's withdrawals. You just don't notice how often you rely on it. Calls, internet, Spotify, news, googling how old Michael Douglas is because you see him on an entertainment show talking to Mario Lopez in the middle of the night because you can't sleep WHAT. Yea that was me last night. Except I couldn't google it because I didn't have a phone.
  • (first world problems)

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.