Monday, October 14th, 2019. Columbus Day. Diving right in.

  • The Astros tied up the 2019 ALCS last night with a 3-2 extra innings win over the Yankees. The game didn't end till a few mins before midnight. Near 5 hour game. Both teams had several chances to move out in front and take the lead late, but both teams struggled offensively (Astros again). Carlos Correa finally connected with a first pitch bomb in the 11th to send the Houston fans home happy. It was a good game. Long, but good. Will this momentum carry over for the Astros heading into New York for Game 3 tomorrow? I don't know. Astros had to win last night and they were able to squeak it out by the slightest of margins. One step at a time. We shall see. Intense game last night though.
  • I've been phone-less for a couple days now. I was having issues with the battery for awhile. It finally died (the battery at least). I've been eligible for an upgrade for a few years. I've had an iPhone 6 since 2015. Finally took the upgrade over the weekend. New phone will be here in a couple days. You get so accustomed to having your smartphone nearby. Pulling up Spotify, looking up something quick online, etc. It's sad to admit it's been a little tough the last couple days not having the convenience of it nearby. "OH BOO HOO, JAKE. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS". HEY. I KNOW. I KNOW. It makes you think back to before cell phones. How people got around. How people communicated, etc. People had to print out directions from MapQuest if they weren't sure how to get somewhere. Or stop and call people via payphones if it was an emergency. How times have changed...

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

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